What is dermaplaning?

What is dermaplaning?
September 18, 2019 Julia Karam
woman getting a dermaplaning facial by a professional

There always seems to be a new skincare treatment in the market, and each one seems to have a benefit over the other. But, what may seem strange, can actually be super effective. So what is dermaplaning? It’s a really great way to exfoliate your face.

We all know we should exfoliate. And you know about every day, run of the mill exfoliators, such as physical exfoliators, like facial scrubs, and chemical exfoliators, like AHA and BHA. And then there are deeply exfoliating treatments, like chemical peels. But what if you want something in between? Something that packs a little more punch than your skincare routine, but doesn’t require the downtime of a chemical peel? Enter dermaplaning.

woman getting a dermaplaning facial by a professional

Professional, and by this I mean by a licensed esthetician, dermaplaning consists of using a surgical grade scalpel to gently remove layers of debris and dead skin from the face. While I know the word scalpel just made you cringe, it is a non-invasive and completely painless treatment – no Kim Kardashian post vampire facial looks here. At most, dermaplaning peels like a light scratching or scraping. It is quite literally scraping gunk off your face to reveal that fresh, baby soft skin that has been hibernating underneath.

Dermaplaing will remove a lot more than your regular weekly exfoliator, and I don’t mean just because it exfoliates deeper. Dermaplaning also essentially shaves your face, removing peach fuzz without pain or stubble. After removing unwanted hair, layers of dead skin, and dirt and grime that’s been building up, what you are left behind with is smooth, clean, glowing skin. The deep exfoliation also helps to reduce the look of fine lines and acne scars, with less pain and dedication than other treatments that target those issues.

debris being removed from skin by dermaplaning tool

While you can buy similar instruments for at home use, at best they will probably only remove peach fuzz. For the true dermaplaning experience, and benefits, you’ll want to come in for a professional service. Luckily for you, dermaplaning is suited for all skin types, has zero downtime, and takes just a little over and hour. It can also be done every 4 weeks, and has less rules and regulations regarding makeup, sun exposure, and product usage than other facials and treatments, meaning you can have this glowing skin all year round.

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to waxing, looking for a painless solution to wrinkles or acne, or simply want some fresh glowy skin, dermaplaning is the perfect service to introduce to your skin care and self care routine! Book a dermaplaning treatment here.


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