Top 9 Moisturizing Dermalogica Products Clients Absolutely Love

Top 9 Moisturizing Dermalogica Products Clients Absolutely Love
July 29, 2021 Rachel Figueroa

Our Top 9 Dermalogica Products Clients Absolutely Love

Moisturize your way to healthier skin

Moisturizing skin care


In today’s digitally-inclined world, we have adjusted to sharing our lives more or less on different social media platforms. Filters have become the new norm and although a lot of them only serve as background effects, it is outnumbered by those that are dedicated to blurring out our facial imperfections. 

Thankfully, Dermalogica products can produce similar results that can give you that blurring effect by treating your skin back to its happy, clean, and healthy state that you can be proud of. With their well-renowned professional-grade skin care, you can feel better about taking candid photos without worrying about editing them later. 

As a day spa, we have come to love and appreciate Dermalogica but are keenly aware that its products do not affect all its consumers in the same way. After all, we all have unique skin and we have to respect everyone’s individual needs. That’s why we have chosen the most effective products that can work with most skin types.

That’s why we are sharing our 7 favorite skincare products with you that yield the kind of results our clients love and trust to help them manage and nurture their skin. Here are the reasons why we rely on Dermalogica and continue to recommend them.

Intensive Moisture Cleanser

This product is #1 in our book of cleansers. 

Truly delivering a strong dose of effect each time, the Intensive Moisture Cleanser does precisely what it’s named to do. Best on dry skin, this non-heavy, creamy lather removes impurities to nourish and strengthen the skin’s barrier, preventing further damage caused by dryness.

Many people would rather rely on their daily sunscreen for topical protection, but it’s wiser not to neglect the epidermis itself so it can maintain its resilience to defend the skin properly. 

With its combination of skin-repairing ingredients like BioReplenish Complex with Coconut Oil and Murumuru Seed Butter, you can rest assured that this mighty cleanser is offering more than just a facial wash in the morning and at night. It is a potent blend of vitamins that truly replenishes and enlivens your skin with its lipid-enriched formulation, doubling up on your moisture barrier.

Intensive Moisture Facial Cleanser


The Beauty and Benefits of Dermalogica’s Multi-Active Toner

Helloooo, hydration!

We’ve recommended this Multi-Active Toner time and time again– and for a good reason. This toner freshens up the skin that turns it into the clean canvas it needs to be for better moisture absorption. 

We’re big on moisture because we know the significant role it plays in maintaining healthy skin.

Guided by years of experience and feedback, we advise our clients to spray this toner evenly on the face and then apply Dermalogica’s moisturizer called Active Moist as the next step in their skin care routine. 

These two pair very well together, working to deliver and supplement that extra boost of hydration deeper into your skin and then sealing it with the moisturizing barrier of the Active Moist. 

These products are lightweight and allow the skin to breathe as you go about your regular day-to-day. If you ask us, nothing is better than a skin care regimen that works as hard as you do.

Multi-Active Facial Toner

Active Moist

Who doesn’t love a good moisturizer? 

Dermalogica’s Active Moist is another skin-loving product that relieves dry skin while defying the drama of an overbearingly greasy feel. 

Best for combination skin, we like a functional product that’s light and won’t feel like it’s just sitting on top of your skin like cakey makeup.

We tell all our clients about this moisturizer because we believe in its reliable hydrating and smoothing effects on the skin. That’s one of our favorite things about Dermalogica’s skin care products– its capacity to continually repair the skin until you’re seeing the results you want.

With its Prebiotic Moisture Complex ingredients, you’ll be happy to know that your skin is constantly being nurtured where it counts. Restoring the skin damage caused by our environment, this lightweight moisturizer will smooth your skin and neck area with consistent use.

Pair this with the Multi-Active Toner spray to intensify its effect.

Oil-free moisturizer


Invisible Physical Defense

Aside from aging and other normal processes of the body, we should resist anything that breaks down our skin barriers! We should be protecting it in any way that we can.

The Invisible Physical Defense is an SPF is the skin care holy grail that our clients love for sure! 

With free radicals constantly surrounding us and wreaking havoc on our skin collagen, you need a protective formula armed with SPF that will also limit the blue light and the effects your skin suffers from ultraviolet radiation.

This light moisturizer soothes the skin while protecting you from insistent sagging, wrinkles, sunspots, and other blemishes no one likes to deal with at 20 or 50.

We love that you don’t get the sunscreen streak but our favorite part about the Invisible Physical Defense is that it’s suitable for every skin type. Here at our day spa, that’s always going to be a winner.

Special ingredients like the Bio-Active Mushroom Complex and antioxidants make for a wonderful medley to treat your skin and help maintain its supple, youthful state.

Yes, Dermalogica. Yes.

streak-free moisturizing SPF


Skin Hydrating Masque

Moisture is wealth for the skin.

And when it comes to skin care health, here is one of our top 7 favorite products from Dermalogica that supports skin hydration with help from Hyaluronic Acid, the Skin Hydrating Masque.

You can never get enough moisture in your skin, that’s why it’s strongly recommended by skin therapists everywhere to use lotion, sunscreen, and other hydrating formulas daily. Our skin is constantly absorbing anything we put on it, that’s why it’s a no-brainer to nourish it every time we can, feeding it all the nutrients that will keep it healthy.

Habits like this are a perfect foundation for a great skin care routine. 

Using the mask up to twice a week can relieve your tired skin and neck to gradually improve its elasticity and appearance for a healthy, smoother look.

Think of it as a luxurious shot of moisture that doubles the effort of all the ingredients already hard at work.

Hydrating Face Mask


Special Cleansing Gel

Here’s a cult favorite by dermatologists, estheticians, and consumers alike.

It’s no secret that we love a product that’s something like a skin-whisperer, a special product that can get rid of as many problems as it can so you can concentrate on working on other skin concerns as soon as possible. 

A clean face is known to absorb products particularly well. Otherwise, you’re leaving most benefits of the products you’re using laying atop your skin, which could end up blocking your pores instead.

First, you need to make sure that your skin is in its best shape to withstand treatments and soak up potent ingredients. It’s the same concept as not putting products over broken skin– it’s not ready and definitely not in the best condition. 

So here’s a brilliant Cleansing Gel that is great for any skin type that our customers keep well-stocked as a part of their daily facial routine. It’s a daily ritual to purify and cleanse your skin from toxins and impurities while pampering it with Balm Mint and Lavender Extracts.

As one of Dermalogica’s best-selling products, this cleanser won’t have you worrying about overdrying because it’s gentle enough to use every day, freeing your face from impurities you bring home with you from your day, giving you a cleaner, smoother complexion.

Facial Cleansing Gel


Melting Moisture Masque

Activated by the warmth of your skin, the Melting Moisture Masque is a luxurious experience to have in the very comfort of your home as you wind down from your day.

With just a pea-sized amount, the balm is massaged onto the face, melting it into a nourishing oil that leaves your skin completely quenched and hydrated. With that much moisture supporting your skin, it is easily comparable to days’ worth of rain to a barren desert, getting deep into the nooks, cracks, and crevices caused by dryness and environmental aggressors.

Your skin will happily soak in all the skin-restoring vitamins while the oil soothes and comforts, fast-forwarding you to days of long-lasting, healthier complexion.

With the added protection of Linoleic Acid to help sustain a healthy skin barrier and defend against free radicals, you can rest assured that dull and dry skin has met its match.

Dermalogica’s Melting Moisture Masque is a reminder that it’s here to help you protect, sustain, and honor the integrity of your skin.

Melting Moisture Mask


Daily Microfoliant

If you crave the feeling of continuous smooth skin without relying on layers of different products, the Daily Microfoliant Cleanser is an excellent place to start.

This exfoliant is a powder made up of micro bits of rice that are gentle enough to polish your skin a little bit with each use, so it’s consistently sloughing away the dead skin cells along with the dirt and impurities that accumulate on your skin. You never really know how much is sitting on your skin until you’ve cleaned it thoroughly and see the difference.

It also helps in preventing acne with the added formulation of Salicylic Acid, keeping the surface of your skin clear of breakouts and even speeding up its healing process. Another great ingredient that you would benefit from is Phytic Acid. This is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that clears up the skin from blackheads as well as brightens up and even out the skin tone.

Put a moisturizer on afterward and you’re set.

The Daily Microfoliant is skin care goals in one– exfoliant plus acne-fighting, skin-brightening, and blackhead-clearing– whew! 

So long, dull skin. Hello, all-in-one facial cleanser.

Daily exfoliating cleanser


Intensive Moisture Balance

Moisturize and then moisturize some more!

The truth is, your skin won’t stand much of a chance with a diminished moisture barrier or weak hydration. It’s wise to regularly incorporate a skin care regimen that will repair and strengthen the moisture elements of your skin. Otherwise, any product you use will have a tough time doing its job.

Dermalogica’s Intensive Moisture Balance is another lipid-enhancing formulation whose goal is to simply keep your moisture barrier strong and protective against irritants that will age your skin quickly.

Just as the name claims, it balances out your skin with ingredients like Chlorella Algae. This is a superfood that works with your skin’s microbiome by stimulating the recovery of collagen, fighting off wrinkles and sagging.

When your skin’s microbiome is properly cared for, your skin begins to glow and look as healthy as it feels. The healthier it is, the better it can protect your face from pathogens, keeping them in check regularly.

Skin-replenishing Intensive Moisturizer


Skincare By Rochel’s Final’s Thought

While we are a day spa, we also understand that our clients will not always want to make drastic, invasive changes to their faces, and maybe you feel the same! Here at our day spa, we’ve met a lot of women who glow just from the confidence they gain from healthier, glowing skin. That’s why we prescribe them an easier and affordable alternative they can choose to start with.

We know it helps make you feel beautiful when you love your skin.

You dream of a healthier, vibrant complexion that will have people asking what you use. That’s why we recommend these Dermalogica items to our clients– so they can have a relationship with their skin by seeing results they want, backed by our experience and dependable expertise as skin therapists.



Comment below and tell us if you have a favorite from Dermalogica!