Chemical Peels: There’s a Right Fit for Everyone

Chemical Peels: There’s a Right Fit for Everyone
August 29, 2019 Julia Karam

Do you ever just want to shed your skin and start brand new? Maybe you have acne, or scars, or uneven tone, or a little bit of everything. Whatever it is, you want it gone. But you know that no magic face wash, spot treatment, or organic mud mask is going to fix it. We’ve all been there. But what if I told you there really was a way to start over?

Secrets out, and chemical peels are in. We aren’t sure how they became so ~scary~ in the beauty world, because they aren’t invasive and cure a LOT of skin woes. We’re talking acne, scarring, discoloration, uneven texture, the list goes on. Basically, like the magic mask you’ve been looking for. So why is everyone so hesitant?

Let’s dispel some myths here first. If you get a chemical peel that is appropriate for your needs, you will not look like Samantha in that one episode of Sex and the City, we promise. While your face could peel, it usually isn’t as dramatic as you’re expecting, and really depends on your skin type. And yes, there can be minor discomfort during the peel, but beauty is pain, (right?), and it really doesn’t hurt that bad.

Now that we’ve gotten those fears out of the way, there are some things you should know before you go in. If you take any medication for acne, whether topically or orally, you should always consult your dermatologist, or give us a call, before booking your appointment. Some ingredients make the skin more sensitive or can thin the skin, so it is usually recommended to hit pause on the more potent ingredients in the days leading up to your peel. Another thing to keep in mind is the timing of your peel. While your peel is meant to leave you fresh faced and glowing, you probably shouldn’t get it the day before a big event in case there is redness, irritation, or some peeling. If you want to pop out for your 10-year reunion, you should come in 3-5 days before heading back to your hometown.

Want to know how to pick the right peel for you? Glad you asked. Here at Skincare by Rochel, we have a few levels of peels depending on your skin type, concerns, and sensitivity. If you’re looking to dip your toes in the water, start off with our Glycolic chemical peel. You might recognize the name from some of your at home toners and serums, which should be helping to up your glow, but it does a lot more when concentrated in a peel. As the gentlest peel we offer, it exfoliates, lightens sunspots and acne scars, and requires no downtime. It’s also the least likely to make you shed and is definitely where you should start out if you have sensitive skin or are just super nervous about how your face will react. We know that lunch time facials are mainly for Gossip Girl characters and not real people, but with the glycolic peel, you totally could if you wanted to.

The next step up is the Jessner chemical peel, like going waist deep at the pool party but still not getting your hair wet. Stronger than a glycolic peel, the Jessner is made with a balanced mixture of salicylic acid, lactic acid, and resorcinol, which each have about as many benefits as syllables. Both salicylic acid and resorcinol work as antiseptic ingredients to purify the skin, while the resorcinol and lactic acid work to penetrate and exfoliate the top layers of the face. A medium strength peel, the Jessner is ideal for acne prone clients, especially those with cystic acne, and it is deeply cleansing and can reach deep to help heal and prevent cysts. If you’re lucky enough to have left acne behind in junior high, this peel will also help fade scars, discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles. Basically, it’s a cure-all, and minimal peeling will happen within 3 to 5 days after the procedure.

If you really want to dive in headfirst, our highest strength chemical peel is the TCA Chemical Peel. Made with Trichloroacetic acid, it dissolves your top layer of skin and encourages new cell growth to give you that baby soft skin. This peel is only meant to target deep scarring and dark marks, and because of its potency, should only be done twice a year. You should only consider this option if you are in need of a serious skin resurfacing and have 7+ days to allow for the shedding process. While the downtime is longer than the other peels, the results are more drastic, and can be compared to the results of lasering to remove acne scars, with a much smaller price tag.

If you’re looking for a non-invasive, mostly painless, and highly effective solution to acne, scarring, discoloration, or fine lines, book one of our chemical peels online.